We understand how frustrating this can be to find a plumber in Wantage, but now you can look no further as this is what we at Taps and Toilets specialise in!

Back in 2008 we were called Hagbourne Farm Plumbing, so we have a wealth of experience & knowledge which we hope will give you confidence in our work.
Are you sick and tired of ringing around a long list of plumbers who have no interest in replacing your kitchen taps or a job as simple as changing a washer?

Over the course of time it became apparent that there was a gap in the market for the smaller jobs as customers could not get anyone to do the work because most plumbers were engaged with the bigger jobs! We came to the conclusion that in order to fulfil the requirements of that niche, we would needed to focus solely on the small jobs!

We are becoming more well known as the plumbers in Wantage who’s speciality is the small plumbing jobs, please see below the services we offer and get in touch for a quick response.