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Our Plumbers Will Fix Any Toilet Problems

Do you need a local plumber near you for your toilet installation and repair? The toilet plumbers at Taps and Toilets are ready to assist you.

We have offered Didcot, Wantage, Oxford, Newbury and Wallingford towns excellent service for years! You can trust us.

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Some people erroneously think a leaking toilet is not an emergency plumbing issue. However, it can immediately get worse if not repaired on time. Contact our toilet repair experts at Taps and Toilets right away. Even if you wish to fix your leaking toilet, you’ll probably end up spending more money and time if incorrectly done. Trying DIY plumbing to repair your running or blocked toilet can further damage your toilet and pipes. Hiring a qualified toilet plumber will ensure your toilet repair is done safely and efficiently.


Signs you need our professional toilet repair service

While you may be unsure whether to contact a professional plumber, here are some signs you require our help to get your toilet fixed:


  • Constant running: Do you hear your toilet running for a long time non-stop? This may occur for a variety of reasons, including a broken flapper, incorrectly sized refill tube, high toilet float or high water pressure. Our experienced plumbers can identify the right cause and provide a lasting repair for your toilet.


  • Water leak: A leaking toilet is a very frustrating and common issue. It can cause serious damage to your home. So you need to seek urgent repair.


  • Stubborn Clogs: This is another problem that needs urgent toilet repair. If your toilet clogs regularly, then a plunger won’t effectively fix this situation. It may be caused by a serious blockage inside your plumbing


  • Efficiency Problems: Do you observe unexplained high water usage? The source of this problem may be your toilet. A solution could be installing a toilet model with high efficiency.


  • Cracks: While many people may ignore cracks in their toilet, it may cause injury or damage to your bathroom. It can easily be fixed or replaced (for cracks above 1\16 inch wide)




Full-Service Toilet Repair and Installation Services

At Taps and Toilet, we are capable of handling your toilet repairs and installation. This includes:

Professional diagnosis and repair: To find lasting solutions, we will correctly identify your plumbing issues. This will enable us to carry out repairs that can fix any issue.

Expert installation and upgrade: You can rely on us to improve your bathroom’s functionality through the installation of toilets undertaken by our professional plumbers.

Preventative maintenance: This is a great way to prevent unexpected and costly repairs in the future. We can carry out scheduled maintenance appointments and periodic checkups to elongate your toilet’s life span.


Toilet Repair & Installation


We Will Fix Blocked or Leaking Toilet Problems

Toilet repair experts at Taps and Toilets can cater to your domestic plumbing needs. Our toilet plumbers do not just repair leaks but will identify defects and flaws that can cause damage. We also replace toilet valves, fix blocked toilets and repair toilet flush.

Our toilet replacement service costs are affordable, and our experts are available for emergency plumbing services – around the clock. With over a decade of experience, we will ensure your toilet plumbing is durable, safe and problem-free.

We have positive reviews on CheckatradeYell and Trustatrader.


Toilet Repair Near Me in Didcot & Oxfordshire

At Taps and Toilets, we know the value of a functional toilet in Didcot, Oxfordshire. A toilet clog or leak can pose a serious problem and should be fixed immediately. You can contact us wherever you are in Oxfordshire; we will be there immediately. We cover the following areas:

  • Didcot
  • Wantage
  • Newbury
  • Wallingford
  • Oxford

Let us cater to your toilet repair and installation needs while you take care of other important things. Give us a call today.

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Why Work With Our Plumbers

Here’s why you should contact our toilet plumbers:

  • Punctual, experienced, and reliable service.
  • Team of experts.
  • Quality components and repair service.
  • Superb customer service.
  • Available around-the-clock for convenient appointments and emergencies
  • Budget-friendly pricing.

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What We Promise With Our Service

We promise to provide the best plumbing services with quality at affordable costs. Our plumbers will advise you to replace the toilet if they are confident it cannot be repaired. We have the expertise to fix any toilet plumbing issues.