5 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Water Leaks in Your Home

finnd hidden leaks in your home

Looking out for signs of water leaks on your property isn’t difficult.

For instance, you can inspect the sides of your cabinets and beneath the sinks for moisture, dampness or stench; no one likes that in their home.

If your property is aged 20 years, you will have to pay closer attention to your plumbing system.

Ensure you assess every pipe, from water heaters, pump parts, fittings, hoses and washers.

If you find any rust or colour changes on the plumbing parts, then it is possible that there is water leakage.

But some water leaks are quite difficult to detect. But with the knowledge of the warning signs, it is simple to figure out water leaks in your home.

Water leaks have negative consequences. They can result in decay, mould growth and damage to your property’s structural integrity.

It is necessary to fix water leaks on time to avert disaster and expensive repairs. This is why this article is important in assisting you in detecting these hidden leaks.


Leaking tap


Check your water bill.

Have you noticed that your water bill increases every month?

Then the problem may stem from your water bill. This especially happens when there is a surge in your water bill despite the fact that your water usage hasn’t changed.

If this continues to happen and your water bill still goes up, then there is a problem with your water system. You have to contact a plumbing expert to check it out.

The whole situation may be more confusing, particularly when you haven’t seen any water leak physically. You might not see water leak beneath your sink or around your home’s exterior or interior.

However, always keep in mind that leakages may occur in underground pipes, and this can have negative impacts. A diligent plumber will examine every underground pipe in your property while carrying out a leak inspection to make sure there’s no stone unturned in eliminating leaks.


Inspect your water meter

Another great way to inspect water leaks is to use your water meter. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Ensure all the water flow in your property is turned off. Do not use your washing machine or dishwater. Check that all faucets are turned off.
  • Examine the water meter for any changes. If you notice a change, there is a high possibility of a fast leak.
  • However, if the water meter still remains the same, hold on for a few hours and examine it again. If the meter changes when the water is shut, it is possible that you have a slow water leak.

Your water meter will give you an idea of when you have to fix water repairs. As a property owner, you will incur the costs of repairing a water leak after examining the meter, even when it occurs underground.


Examine your water usage.

Studies from the US Environmental Protection Agency have estimated that the average family uses a maximum of 12,000 gallons of water monthly.

You will need to carry out water leak detection and repairs at your plumbing facility if you notice any higher water use than normal.


Toilet dye test

It is important to examine your toilet to ensure it is functional at all times. If your toilet is leaking, it is hard to detect even when you are flushing it. It is said that toilet usage accounts for close to 30% of total household water consumption.

This is the reason a toilet dye test can help you check a water leak. It’s simple. All you have to do is drop a small quantity of food colouring in your toilet tank.

Hold on for a few minutes. If you discover the colour in the bowl after waiting, then you will have to fix the water leak. This shows that a water leak is likely taking place in your toilet tank to your drain when you are not flushing.


Check If Your Outdoor Faucet is Leaking

Remember to check the outdoor faucet or stopcock. Is there a leakage there?

If water leaks from the plumbing parts, particularly when it is turned off, you will have to replace them.

Do you have a watering hose or drainage system? You will have to inspect those too.

Even a minor leak in your water drain hose can cost 10-12 gallons per minute, resulting in the loss of over 12,000 gallons in a single day.

Hence, it is important to subject your outdoor plumbing parts to inspection for leaks by an expert plumber every year.

If you observe any water leak of any kind, get in touch with a professional plumber immediately. The quicker there is a fix to the water leak, the better it will be to avert wastefulness.

Minor water leaks today could result in bigger and more expensive ones tomorrow, leading to a negative impact on your home structure.


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