How to Prevent and Fix a Leaky Tap

Prevent and Fix a Leaky Tap

Do you have a leaky tap or faucet issue? A leaky tap can cause serious water wastage or property damage if you delay fixing it. Get in touch with an expert plumber near you to fix it. This is crucial as it will prevent further complications.

How to Prevent and Fix a Leaky Tap

It is easy to stop your tap from leaking. But if you do not have plumbing expertise or skills, it may be difficult to do it properly.


This article will show how to fix and prevent leaky taps in your residence or business.


Let’s get started.


Common reasons why leaky taps occur

It is crucial to understand why leaky kitchen tap or shower tap occurs. This will enable you to identify the best method to fix the issue. Thus, here are some common reasons why leaky taps in your property or business. This list will help you analyze why leaky taps occur on your property.


A broken cartridge

This is common with taps with cartridges. A cartridge-style tap has two handles, each for hot and cold water. Cartridge serves an important function in the valve as it controls and regulates water flow. Thus, when your tap’s cartridge is broken, it may lead to leaking.


Faulty washers

Faulty washers are another possible cause of leaky washers. You can find them resting against the tap seats. But due to friction, washers can wear out, causing dripping taps. Furthermore, if your tap washer isn’t properly set up, it can cause leaking.


High water pressure

Have you observed that your kitchen or bathroom taps are leaking at certain times, or if you rotate the tap handle in a particular manner? The source of this problem may emanate from high water pressure. Ensure you call your plumbing expert to fix your water pressure issue.


Broken O-ring

An O-ring is a little disc connected to the tap’s stem screw to position it in place. Eventually, O-rings can wear out or break over time. Thus, you might need to replace the O-ring if the tap is leaky.


Faulty valve seat

If you have a leaky tap from the faucet, this may be due to a valve seat problem. The valve seat is a feature that binds the spout to the tap. Another source of leaky taps is the accumulation of sediments and rusting of seals.


How to fix a leaky tap


Step 1: Get the following tools

The important tools you need to repair a dripping tap quickly include:

  • A screwdriver
  • New tap washer
  • An adjustable spanner


Step 2: Shut the water supply.

Once you notice a leaky tap, you have to turn off the water supply quickly. This is an important step as it assists in lessening water wastage and lets you properly fix the problem.

To turn off the supply of water, check underneath your sink to see if your pipe has an isolation ball valve. If present, you can simply shut the water supply by rotating the valve horizontally.

However, if you can’t find an isolation ball valve, you have to turn off the water supply from the mains. The mains have the same appearance as a regular tap. You only have to shut it as you would any other tap.


Step Three: Remove the metallic snake

Once the supply of water has been shut, the leaky tap has to be drained by letting the water flow till it stops.


Step Four: Replace the tap

Read the article on how to replace your tap here.


Step Five: Reattach the tap

After replacing the tap and rectifying the source of the leaky tap issue, you have to put the tap back together the same way you took it apart.


Step Six: Turn on the water supply.

After reinstalling the tap, the next step is to turn on the supply of water. This can be done by rotating the ball valve or the water mains. See if the tap is still leaking or not.

You can test it by turning it off and on to check if it leaks. If it is leaky, contact an expert plumber to check the source of the leak and fix it.


How To Avoid Leaky Taps

It is always more advantageous to prevent leaky taps than to fix them. Here are ways you can avoid leaky taps.


Tighten the handle of your tap.

This is the easiest way to avoid leaky taps. Thus, always ensure you tighten the handle because if it is loose, it can leak easily.


Purchase quality tapware.

Ensure you buy quality tapware. Poor quality tap features like valve seat, cartridge, and others, can lead to leaking tap. Though costlier, quality tapware is more durable and won’t break down in a short time.

As an alternative, purchase compression or disc-type taps. They are less susceptible to drips compared to ball-type ones. Furthermore, make sure you buy your tap feature from reliable suppliers.


Carry out routine tap inspections.

Routine tap inspection is highly important for preventing leaky taps. This helps you to determine if your tap has a problem that needs a quick solution before becoming worse and the leaking starts. This is the best way to prevent leakages and avoid possible damages or complications.

To ensure that the plumbing within your home is always in good shape, schedule regular checks of your taps and other household plumbing components with your plumber.


Need Professional Help With Your Leaky Taps?

A leaky tap is an annoying problem that can worsen and cause serious damage to your home. Thus, if you have a leaky tap, contact a local plumber near you to get a lasting fix. An experienced plumber can check your tap to determine the real source of the leak.


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