What are the Different Types of Toilet Seat Fittings

What are the different types of toilet seat fittings

Toilet seats are essential. The knowledge of the best toilet seat fitting is essential because it helps you choose a high-quality, safe, comfortable, stable and easy-to-fit product. In this article, we will explore everything about the type of toilet seat fitting to help you make a more informed decision.

Types of Toilet Seat Fittings

Types of Toilet Seat Fittings

Toilet seat fittings are available in two types: Top fittings and bottom fittings. Toilet seats that are bottom fittings are fastened from the top and afterward fixed from the bottom using wing nuts, while top fittings are effective by screwing two fasteners into the pan, which are affixed from the upper side.

Most toilets today are equipped with top seat fittings because they are simple to set up and remove when it’s time for cleaning. Your choice of toilet seat fitting depends on what you want to install or the fitting you wish to replace.

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Shapes of toilet seats

Here are the types of toilet seat shapes:


point toilet seat

Pointed toilet seats are highly popular. They come in different styles and are equipped in older designs. This toilet seat shape is also known for its comfort, even though it is costlier than the rounded designs and occupies a bit more space than them.




Similar to square-shaped seats, this toilet seat is seen as elegant and trendy. However, they are not as visually striking when compared to square-shaped seats, so they are ideal for anyone who needs a contemporary look in their bathroom but doesn’t want to go way over the top.



square toilet shape

Square seats are popular in bathrooms with minimalist and sleek designs. Styled in a contemporary and planar way, it is excellent for anyone who wishes to update their bathroom to look fresh.


Wrap-Over Seats

Wrap-Over Seats

A key feature of a Wrap-Over Seat is that its lid is fully covered. This gives it a trendy, sleek and contemporary look. Furthermore, they contribute to the neatness and comfort of the space, ensuring that the hygienic seat is covered by the lid at the top.



traditional wooden seat

If your bathroom design is vintage, then a vintage toilet seat will be the perfect fit, and, at this stage, your options are limitless. You can find traditional seats designed in circular or throne form and a wide variety of wooden finishes.


Toilet Seat Materials

The two most common types of toilet seat materials are wood and plastic.


Plastic Toilet Seats

plastic toilet seat

Plastic seats are highly popular. They are cost-effective, pliable and low-maintenance. The most common kinds of plastic used are thermoset, resin and thermoplastic. Thermoset is a bit more costly as it is resistant to scratches. However, all three kinds are long-lasting. Resin toilet seats are available in different colours, and you can etch photos and shapes on their surface. This is why they are kid-friendly. The major problem with plastic seats is that they get chilly during wintertime.


Wooden Toilet Seats

Wooden Toilet Seats

Even though wooden toilet seats are more likely to be affected by wear and tear, they are more comfortable in the cold wintertime. Natural wood toilet seats have a vintage appearance and can be bought in various styles to fit your bathroom. The two popular kinds of wood are solid wood and engineered wood or Medium-density fibreboard.

Medium-density fibreboards are made of wood fibres. This gives them healthy, pleasant and low-maintenance benefits. Solid wooden seats are manufactured from ebony, mahogany or fir. While solid wood has a stylish appearance, its longevity and resilience varies – so ensure you conduct adequate research before making a purchase.


Toilet Seat Types


Soft Close Seats

Soft Close Toilet Seat

Soft close hinges are among the most amazing toilet products around, as there are few things as annoying as the noise from the lid slamming. Soft-close seats are simple to use and inexpensive.


Ultra-Slim Seats

ultra slim Toilet Seat

Ultra-slim seats are contemporary and sleek, ideal for nearly any bathroom and come in soft-close hinges. They can also create an illusion of space, making your bathroom appear larger. Despite not consuming space, ultra-slim seats are highly appealing in design. Once they are combined with other innovative features like advanced technology or heat cushions, they can improve the functionality of your toilet.

Modern, minimalist, ultra-slim seats are suitable for almost any bathroom and frequently come with soft-close hinges. While not made expressly for smaller bathrooms, these seats will undoubtedly make your bathroom appear larger, as opposed to bulkier seats, which won’t help you save much space. Ultra-slim seats don’t take up much space, yet they have a highly appealing style. You can have a toilet to be proud of if you combine them with additional contemporary elements like smart technology or hot pads. Not many people can say that!


Smart Seats and Bidet Seats

smart toilet seat

We now live in a technological era, and there has been an addition of tech to our toilet seats. Throughout Europe and America, smart seats have become extremely popular due to the convenience and sense of luxury they provide. These smart toilet seats feature everything from deodorising functionality to adjustable heat seats.


Different Types of Toilet Seat Fittings 2023 FAQ


How do I Measure a Toilet Seat?

Measuring a toilet seat might seem like an easy task, but it’s important to ensure that it’s right for your bathroom fixture. Adhere to the following instructions to get the correct measurements:


Measure the Bowl Length

Begin by measuring the length of the toilet bowl from the center of the bolt holes to the front edge. This measurement will help you figure out if you’ll need an elongated or round seat.


Determine the Width

You have to measure the width of the bowl at its widest point. Standard toilet seats usually fit bowls which are around 14 inches wide. However, some bowls might need bigger or smaller seats.


Check the Bolt Spread

Next, you have to measure the distance between the centres of the two bolt holes at the outer edge of the bowl. Most toilets have a typical bolt spread of 5.5 inches. However, certain models might have a different spread.


Consider the Shape

When you have the measurements, find out if your toilet bowl is round or elongated. Elongated bowls tend to be oval in shape, allowing for a bigger seating area, while round bowls are circular and more compact.


Which Toilet Is Best for Me: Round or Elongated?

When deciding between an elongated and round toilet, you have to explore the following factors to figure out which one best suits your needs:



A lot of people prefer elongated toilets since they have a larger seating area, resulting in greater comfort during use. However, a round toilet can save room in bathrooms with limited space without sacrificing comfort.


Size and Location:

The size of your bathroom is an important factor when deciding. If you have plenty of space, an elongated toilet can add an element of luxury, but for small bathrooms, a round toilet is an easy choice.


Maintenance and Cleaning

Round toilets tend to be simpler to clean because of their less complex shape, whereas elongated toilets might require a bit more work to reach all areas. Ensure you consider your cleaning habits and frequency.


Style and Aesthetics

Both elongated and round toilets come in different shapes and layouts. Find one that fits your bathroom decor and aligns with your personal taste.


What Material Should You Choose for My Toilet Seat?

Toilet seats come in a variety of materials, and each has distinctive features. Consider some of these options when choosing the material for your toilet seat:



Plastic seats are inexpensive, lightweight, and simple to clean. They come in a variety of colours and designs, which allows you to integrate them with your bathroom decor seamlessly.



Wooden seats provide an inviting and stylish look, adding an element of elegance to your bathroom. They are long-lasting, but you have to carry out regular maintenance to prevent water damage.



Thermoset seats are manufactured from a resilient, scratch-resistant material that retains its colour over the years. They provide a durable yet eye-catching option because they are resistant to scratching and discolouration.



We have analysed the different types of toilet seat fittings among other relevant topics. In case you have further questions on this topic, contact us today.

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