What to do When the Toilet is Leaking

What to do when the toilet is leaking?

Do you have a toilet that leaks at the base without flushing? Have you noticed your toilet leaking from the tank to the floor? In this article, I will thoroughly explain what to do about your leaky toilet.

A leaky toilet is something no one wishes to deal with. However, it regularly occurs in homes or places of business. You can also have a toilet that leaks from the bottom when flushed, a clogged toilet bowl, or one with flushing problems.

A toilet leak can happen for plenty of reasons. The leak may emanate inside the toilet bowl or at the toilet base.

A toilet that overflows can cause a huge mess and should be treated as an emergency requiring an urgent fix. You need to contact a professional plumber near you for this reason. If the reason for the leak is a blockage, you might have to use a plunger. However, if the overflowing persists, you may need to engage the service of an emergency plumber, or you might need a full toilet replacement.

In the meantime, shut the water valve to turn off the water supply to the toilet. But if the clogging is severe, it may not be enough to fix the problem temporarily. If this is the case, you have to cut the water supply to the building to fix the issue. You will need professional help because your water supply will be limited until the toilet issue is rectified.

Now, if you find water leaking from your toilet, the next thing to do is identify the cause and source. A toilet leak can cause other plumbing defects that might be expensive to fix.

This is what you must avoid. The toilet is among the most used facilities in the home, and if it gets damaged, it can negatively affect your home. So it is always important to fix any issue without delay once you identify the cause of the leak.


What to do when the toilet is leaking?


What causes a toilet to leak?



Many times, people mistake condensation on the toilet bowl for a leak. So before anything else, you need to find out if the issue is merely a result of condensation. After taking a shower, your bathroom can get moist or steamy. This sometimes leads to condensation leaking on your toilet. Since it produces only a small quantity of water, you don’t have to worry about this issue.


Chipped or cracked bowl/tank

Toilets are designed to last. However, cracks may surface on them. It may often start as a minor crack and change into a serious thing.


Rusted pipes

The pipes that connect to your toilet can start rusting for a variety of reasons. Over time, it can cause a leak around your toilet due to holes or cracks.


The seal at the toilet base is worn out or loose.

The major cause of toilet leaking from the base is worn out or loose parts that connect your toilet to the floor.


loose or damaged tank-to-bowl connections

The tank and bowl in many toilets are connected by lots of bolts, nuts and gaskets. There’s a good chance that leaks will occur at any spot in the toilet should any of these items come loose


How do I know where my toilet is leaking from?


A common sign of a leaky toilet is water on your toilet floor. When this happens, you may have to make a minor or major repair or even a full toilet replacement. From the location of the leaky water, you can see where the leak is from. Another sign is the presence of malodorous sewer smells.


Can I fix a leaking toilet myself?


Here are a few ways to fix your leaky toilet yourself:


Replace the supply line behind your toilet.

A major cause of toilet leaks is a damaged supply line. When functioning well, supply lines fill the toilet tank with water. However, water may leak around the bottom of the toilet when it is in bad shape.

Thus, a full replacement of the supply line may be needed. You can purchase a replacement hose at any plumbing supply store or hire a plumber to handle it.


Tighten your loose Toilet T Bolt.

Your toilet may also leak because the T bolt in your toilet base is loose. The bolt secures your toilet to the floor, and when loose, it may result in water leaking from the bottom when flushed.

To repair this, you have to tighten the bolt.

  • You can do this quickly with a wrench.
  • A pair of pliers can do the job if a wrench is unavailable.
  • After tightening the bolt, the leak should completely stop.


Worn-out or damaged wax ring

The wax ring helps seal your toilet drain pipe, preventing water from leaking out. If damaged, it can cause toilet leakage.

To repair this, a full wax ring replacement is needed. Since it is not a simple thing to do, you might need the service of a professional plumber.

But if you are confident handling it yourself, follow the steps below to replace the wax ring:

  • Turn off the supply of water to your toilet.
  • Ensure the water supply line to your toilet is fully disconnected.
  • Flush the toilet to empty the tank totally.
  • Unscrew the bolts that affix the toilet to the floor.
  • Take off the toilet and lift it from the floor.
  • Tidy up the space all around the drain pipe.
  • Unscrew the old wax ring and install a new one.
  • Reconnect the water supply line after fixing the toilet to the ground.
  • Inspect the area if there is still a leak.


Cracked Toilet Bowl

As we have mentioned, if your toilet bowl or tank is cracked, it can cause severe leakage. So ensure you carefully check your toilet to find out if there is a presence of a crack or break. If you find any cracks, you may have to replace your toilet.

Contact us today if you need help with your toilet replacement; we will gladly assist. If you can’t tell what the cause of the leak is, it’s best to hire a professional plumber to check it out, as they can identify the problem and rectify it properly.


How much does it cost to fix a leaking toilet by a plumber?


A leaking toilet can be potentially hazardous because it can lead to a rapid deterioration of your floor. So you have to fix it on time to prevent water damage to your floor and curb water wastage.

In the UK, the average cost of fixing a leaky toilet varies from £97 to £199

For a full toilet replacement, the average price ranges from between £189 to £365.


For quality plumbing services, contact Taps and Toilets today.

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