How much does it cost to put in a new bathroom uk

How much does it cost to put in a new bathroom uk

If you plan to improve your bathroom, it is essential to understand how much it costs to fit or install the bathroom. This is a very crucial step before choosing the ideal bathroom fitter for your project.


How much does it cost to put in a new bathroom uk


The cost of the new bathroom is influenced by three major components:

  • The primary and most significant cost is the quality of the new suite – the shower, sink faucet and toilet facility. Average cost: £550 – £2,500.
  • The other factor is installation expenses, which largely influence the completion of the project and the personnel needed to participate in the business. Average cost: £750 – £3,500
  • The third factor is the costs involved in taking down the old bathroom, flooring and the expenses of extra items like plumbing fixtures, caulk and toilet shelves. The average cost ranges from £550 to £2500.

With this analysis, we have identified three possibilities – a small-sized bathroom on shoe-string budgets, an average-size bathroom utilising a standard suite, and a bigger bathroom that features luxurious items.

Keep in mind that these do not factor in additional features such as project plans or underfloor heating. They will incur additional expenses.

Overall, after consultation with some qualified plumbers in the UK, we found that the average cost of a bathroom in the UK ranges between £2,000 and £7,900; however, in locations such as London, the costs may be greater.

Bathrooms are essential parts of every home. Whether you need space for showers after exercising or a soothing room for relaxing and caring for yourself, bathrooms are lovely spaces for that.

Bathroom renovation entails a broad range of projects, from major tasks such as a total bathroom makeover, replacing outdated bathroom accessories, and updating a toilet or bathtub to small tasks like changing bathroom lighting fixtures and sink repair.

We have explained some of these components below:


Cost of removing an old bathroom

Generally, bathroom removal is carried out as a component of a larger bathroom renovation project. This means that it means the expenses will be covered by that.

However, if you are knocking down the current bathroom for any purpose, expect to shell out a few hundred bucks for manpower and an extra £160 or thereabout if a skip is required for clearances.

Removal of tiles may also incur additional costs.


New bathroom makeover and styling costs

When buying a new bathroom from a big company, they might add designs to the overall product. However, to customise the experience to your taste, you can engage independent designers to review your blueprints and ideas for your bathroom.

The cost for a total bathroom makeover can vary between several hundred pounds for a basic consultancy to £2,500 for fully developed plans that a contractor can work with.


Cost of materials

For many people, fitting a new bathroom may have a significant effect on the overall cost.

Bathroom features and accessories are available in diverse styles and functionalities. While a state-of-the-art toilet with an inbuilt bidet and heated toilet seat may cost over a thousand pounds, a basic toilet can be bought for roughly £45.

If you factor this into every feature of the bathroom, from showers to lavatories, flooring and other accessories like faucets and towel racks, it will add to the cost difference, increasing it by hundreds of pounds to thousands. However, the average cost can be between £600 and £2500. But, when it comes to high-end products, there is no limit to the costs.


Labour costs

Similar to most trades, bathroom fitters will typically calculate their costs by considering daily rates, which can be anywhere between £140 to £270 daily per fitter.

The daily cost will increase if you hire a team of contractors or apprentices; however, the work will be completed more promptly.


How much time will it take?

The timeline required to install a bathroom depends on the project size, the quantity and level of work being carried out and how many people are doing the work. However, we have discovered that it generally takes 5 to 10 days.

While it may take a few hours to complete a simple shower replacement, a bigger bathroom makeover, which involves changing accessories and a subsequent update of the plumbing and pipework, will take more time to complete.

Adding protective tiles to the bathroom floors and ceilings will also increase work time.

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