Kitchen Sink Repair: Common Issues and Fixes

low water pressure

The sink is among the most widely used fixtures in your kitchen area. It is used for dishwashing, cooking, washing food items, cleaning, and much more. If you encounter an issue with your kitchen sink, it can turn into a stressful situation.

Fortunately, a qualified plumber can handle most sink issues in a timely and effective manner.

In this article, we will explore common issues affecting your kitchen sink and how to repair them.

Common Kitchen Sink Issues

They include:


Kitchen Sink Repair - clogged drain


Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is a very common problem that affects kitchen sinks. This happens because some homeowners act as if their kitchen sink is like a rubbish dump. Please ensure you do not throw all sorts of things down your drain.

Here are some items that you shouldn’t wash down your kitchen sink drain:

  • Cooking oils,
  • Animal skeleton parts,
  • Spent coffee grounds,
  • Broken eggshell fragments,
  • Labels from fruits and veggies,
  • paper towels and napkins.

A good way to prevent these items from washing down the drain is to use a drain catch or dump them in the trash can and not the sink. You have to contact your plumber immediately if you notice your drain is clogged. If a drain is clogged over time, it can result in a broken pipe or other extensive damage.

Also, desist from using chemical drain cleaners if you encounter a clog. They can cause your pipe to rust and even worsen matters. The ideal thing to do is get in touch with a plumber to get rid of clogs in a safe and effective manner.


leaky faucet- kitchen sink repair


Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets are not only a hassle, but they can also lead to water wastage. If you notice that your faucet is leaking, you have to ensure that the sink handle is completely pushed down. At times, the handles can become weak, making it possible for the sink to keep dripping even if you believe you have closed it securely.

Leaky faucets are caused by many things, including valves, loose handles and faucet coverings, lack of maintenance, sudden excessive force to turn on the faucet, or even the age of the faucet.  At times, the fixture will need to be changed.


low water pressure


Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another common problem in kitchen sinks in many homes. There are some causes of the problem. They include:

Clogged aerator. When this happens, it is a sign that your faucet head has to be cleaned. This is simple to do alone. For faucets with aerators, ensure that the aerator is properly unscrewed and wiped clean with vinegar and clean clothes. Next, clean the faucet below the aerator using the same piece of cloth and vinegar. After you are sure that they are properly cleaned, you will notice an improvement in the water pressure. For faucets with calcium buildup, you have to soak the components in the vinegar solution instead of wiping them clean.

Bad water pipe or water supply valve. If the previous solution isn’t effective, then the source of the problem may be the water supply valve or piping. At times, if your supply valve is positioned below the sink, you may unintentionally turn on your water supply valve.

Accumulation of gunk or calcium buildup. You can check and remove this by getting in touch with a professional plumber. He would identify and get rid of the clog for you.


How to fix common Kitchen sink issues

Here are solutions to kitchen problems:


Fixing Clogged Drain

If water clogs up in your kitchen sink before anything else, try to determine if using a plunger will get rid of the clog. Ensure you have an adequate water pool in the sink so that if you move the plunger down and up, the water will be forced down to the pipe to get rid of the clutter.

If this isn’t effective, you can also look through the sink trap underneath. Access the doors below the sink. The trap usually has a P shape, and it serves to stop odours and gases from the sewer from getting into the home. It can be clogged up with oily substances and food particles accumulating into a clog. This is difficult to get rid of from the top. You have to take the trap and clean its exterior.

Finding the P trap is not hard. It extends the drain that is at the outer part of the sink. You can push a bucket below this trap and remove the slip nuts on the trap underside. This way, the accumulated gunk from that trap will fall out. Next, screw the trap securely and see if water flows through your drain without clogging.

If the issue persists, the cause of the problem might be your drain line. Get in touch with Taps and Toilets for a quick and budget-friendly kitchen drain fix.


Fixing Low-Pressure Kitchen Faucet

A major cause is a clogged aerator. You can find it as a tiny circular sieve at the tip of the faucet. It helps filter minerals in the water. This is particularly beneficial for homes with water that has high mineral content or hard water.

All you have to do is loosen the aerator and clean it properly. Check the screen to find out if it is in bad condition. If it is, a replacement may be needed. You can find a new one at most plumbing stores.


Fixing Leaky Kitchen Faucet

Most times, leaky kitchen faucets are caused by broken seals. It isn’t cost-intensive to fix. However, it is smart to contact an expert plumber who can properly assess your particular faucet fixture and find the most suitable replacement seal for it.


Fixing Clogged Drain Line

For a simple clog, try the following solution:

  • Pour a mixture of hot water and soap down the drain. Hold on for 10 to 15 minutes. This can dislodge the clog, making it easy for the plunger to do its job.
  • Use drain cleaning solutions. Ensure that you adhere to the instructions on the bottle. But most of these products don’t work and are very hazardous.
  • Utilise a “snake”. It is a slim cable that you can extend through the clog to dislodge it and facilitate a free flow of water. The tool is very helpful.



Many plumbing problems result from an accumulation of gunk and debris in the pipes, broken fixtures, or a deterioration in the plumbing system. It is a great idea to contact a professional plumber from Taps and Toilet. We have expert plumbers with the right knowledge and experience to solve issues with your kitchen or sink.

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